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The museums of the Vatican City State originated from the collections of works of art amassed by individual popes.

The origins are linked to the collection of works collected by Sixtus IV, gradually enlarged during the pontificates of subsequent popes. They were opened to the public in 1787 with the aim of deepening the knowledge of art and culture.

They are one of the most visited museums in the world. They bring together, in various departments, the richest collection of works of art from all over the world.



One of the most prestigious Italian publishing houses based in Bologna, it publishes the most extraordinary art books and scientific copies of manuscripts.

It owns the rights to the material from the monumental photo shoot of the Sistine Chapel.

He is involved in the preparation of the content of the exhibition “The Sistine Chapel. A Legacy and the substantive supervision of the project.



The most avant-garde publishing house in Poland, one of the best and best known in its field worldwide.

It has been collaborating on projects signed by the Vatican Museums for many years. It reproduces in a precise and artistic manner, in the form of scientific copies, the greatest and most important works of the written word in human history.

Manuscriptum is the first company in the world and the only one in Poland to hold the rights to organise the Exhibition “The Sistine Chapel. A Legacy’.




The Live Agency has been involved in a wide range of event organisation and promotion since 1999.

It organises both mass events, which reverberate throughout Poland, and intimate corporate events. It specialises in the production of large-scale sporting and cultural events, brand and product promotions and the organisation of corporate events.

We work with passion and commitment, providing our clients with partnership-based cooperation and event services at the highest level.


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